Finding Affordable Housing

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Are you planning on buying or selling in the current market? It's only natural for you to feel skeptical after the housing market crash, but do the pros outweigh the cons? Only if you're smart.

Many real estate specialists are willing to tell you, "Buy now!" However, you have to be weigh all of your options. Buying a home in this gorgeous market will only help if you don't fall in the same traps that everyone did with the housing bubble burst.

In 2008,the economy and housing market was at its worst. Because of the amount of homes that went into foreclosure, there are huge benefits for anyone currently buying a home. There are three bedroom homes in great areas like Carson, Gardena, and Lomita as low as $70,000. Though the prices are low, you must determine if you can afford the mortgage. You shouldn't purchase a home hoping that you can refinance it in the future. You must sit down with a real estate agent and determine if your current monthly allowance is enough to make your mortgage payments comfortably.